Julian Beever

English-born, Belgium-based artist Julian Beever has been creating three-dimensional street art, rendering old masters and doing portraits since the mid-1990s. His three dimensional chalk masterpieces, when viewed from the correct angle, give the illusion of depth using a process of projection called anamorphosis and the results are stunning. He’s not the only one to apply this technique, but the complexity, detail and quality of his creations are mesmerising, striking many passers-by into a stupor.

Julian Beever also creates wall murals and oil paintings, but his best known for his pavement art, reproducing it in a variety of locations all over the world. One of his most intriguing creations involves a self-portrait, which he then mimics, the effect creating a puzzling mirror image. Some other street artists of note include: Blu, Maximillian Wiedemann and Judith Supine.