Deanne Cheuk

Once named by influential UK style magazine, The Face, as one of the top fifty creative minds in the world, artist and designer Deanne Cheuk has a dynamic illustration style that incorporates hand-drawn patterns, shapes and colours that often disintegrate into tiny pieces to create a unique effect. Compared to the cleanliness of vector art, the hand-drawn fonts, ink splashes and objects contain a rawness and authenticity that are almost classic in feel.

New York-based Australian Deanne Cheuk has previously worked for several years as the art director of Tokion magazine, where she often incorporated illustration and colour touches in innovative and distinctive cover designs. She has also produced a book of her illustrated artwork, ‘Mushroom Girls’, so popular it’s completely sold out and currently unavailable. Similar artists worth checking out include: Fernanda Cohen, Sam Weber, Yoko Shimizu.