Bubble Breaker

The main problem with online games is that they are now so numerous that it takes so much time to find the best ones, there’s then only minutes left to actually play them. Which makes it even more important that you remember Bubble Breaker, a flash game that more than adequately satisfies the basic tenets of being simple to play, seemingly endless and addictive.

Bubble breaker involves selecting as many bubbles of the same colour as possible, then clicking on them again to destroy them. The more you hit in each go, the higher the score and that’s it. There’s something inherently cathartic about popping bubbles, similar to squeezing zits or picking scabs without the associated pain and scarring. Another bonus of this Tetris like game is that you can add it to your own webpage, profile, whatever for free. Similar cool games: Kitten Cannon, Toxic Blocks, Desert Rifle.