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Leipziger Schule movement artist Eric Kissing

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By Toni Spyra in New Art on Tuesday 22 October 2013

You like fantastic themes, centaurs and high-precision glacing technique paintings? Let me introduce you to the German artist Erich Kissing. As a part of the artistic movement “Leipzig School” Kissing knows his business. He composes fantastic, mystical and disturbing situations with a style and elegance that I have rarely seen before. This exquisite painter impresses […]

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François-Henri Galland’s minimalstic watercolour paintings

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By Toni Spyra in New Art on Tuesday 1 October 2013

François-Henri Galland‘s minimalstic watercolor paintings have wowed me ever since I saw his work for the first time. The French artist reduces his drawings to a minimum and uses only the most necessary colour surfaces. So the viewers have to use their own imagination to complete the well-composed pictures. Bravo!

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Credit card sized knife by Iain Sinclair

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By Toni Spyra in New Products on Sunday 29 September 2013

Iain Sinclair‘s Cardsharp 2 is one of my favourite gadgets. It‘s a beautiful credit card sized folding knife. First of all, it has a very aesthetic design and is technically well considered. But I also like the fact that you only need a little slot in your wallet to take it discreetly with you. So it‘s ready for action at all times. You just need three easy folding operations to prepare a sandwich. Or a knife fight.

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