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Reclaimed materials get a second chance

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By Tim Pewe in New Art on Tuesday 4 December 2012

My most recent sculptures are made with reclaimed materials, like old barn wood, found metal, and fieldstones. I’m interested in making objects that function in some way, but have no prosaic or practical purpose. In my work, I’m trying to practice some sort of ‘low level alchemy’, transforming reclaimed materials into something new but nebulous at the same time.

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Nick Azzaro shoots himself as 6 different characters

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By Tim Pewe in New Photography on Saturday 17 November 2012

Nick Azzaro and his wife, Yen, run the company Chin-Azzaro Art Consultation and Commerical Photography. But in addtion to his commerical photography, Azzaro works on his own fine art photography projects. Using a set of self-imposed rules in the spirit of the Dogme 95 manifesto, Azzaro photographs himself as six different characters in his apartment building in a photographic series that evokes a still frame, film noir movie.

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Ojimbo: making monsters

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By Tim Pewe in New Art on Saturday 17 November 2012

Jim Sheely, who goes by the artist name Ojimbo, is an extrodinary wood carver, sculptor and illustrator. Though his subject matter is generally macabre, his natural humor and good nature always shine through the work.

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Awesome music video for singer Mac Demarco by Gus Pewe

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By Tim Pewe in Video on Friday 16 November 2012

Gus Péwés short film, This Vacuum is Too Loud [watch below], won the Hammer to Nail Short Film Contest in June 2012. Reviewer Michael Tully notes: ‘Made while a freshman undergraduate, Péwé’s film is a super-duper example of a class assignment made on a tiny budget that has something many professionally produced films at more widely heralded film schools are often missing: a truly distinct voice’. Péwé also has started making music videos. Here’s one for the singer Mac Demarco.

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John Zeichman: oil paintings done with a unique style

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By Tim Pewe in New Art on Friday 16 November 2012

John Zeichman, aka Johnny Apricot is an oil painter with a unique style. He uses layering of paint, mixed media and animation to create an alternate reality.

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