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Makati CBD Walkway gallery by anonymous grafitti artists

Themiton Sevilla Reader Find

By Themiton Sevilla in New Art on Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Makati Central Business District Walkway connection along Dela Rosa Street turns into a venue of self-expression among nameless street artists who started the project only a few weeks ago. Varying styles manifest in the works, all of which were painstakingly crafted by means of brushing, air-brushing, and stenciling on canvas ceilings.

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Black & White Dubstep by Selecta Cornetto

Themiton Sevilla Reader Find

By Themiton Sevilla in Video on Tuesday 18 December 2012

Asian dairy product brand Selecta took a bold step to reach out with the Internet-proliferated dubstep movement. Though prone to be labeled as a work inspired by dance flicks of the 00’s, it never fails to impress the most hard-to-please cynic (and frustrated) choreographers with the duo’s seamless and synchronized execution over the wobble bass […]

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