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Kawaii floating rings

The Kawaii floating rings from SouZou Creations range from beer pouring and gravy boats, to tea, all curiously perched atop your ring finger.

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More boy band cartoons? Oh boy, indeed

First there was the Beatles cartoon series, now there’s this. Boy band, juvenile hysteria, eruptive hormones like a volcano in spring time. If we talk about tearing magazines and designing … Read more

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Hotlix bug-filled candy

Hotlix is bug-filled candy, with a variety of nine products that lets you choose between Worm Candy, Cricket Candy, Amber InsectNside, Larvets, Crickettes, Scorpion Candy, Ant Candy, Butterfly Candy or … Read more

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Erotic Dots

Yes, now you can join the dots to create sixty sexy and exciting pictures, poses and figures. This little gem is available at Amazon for just $1.98. Overpriced?

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Simone Racheli

Simone Racheli is an artist from Firenze who carries out experiments with the biomechanics of objects. This technique consists of using textures similar to human muscles so that daily objects … Read more

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The sport of Extreme Ironing

Extreme Ironing started in 1997 when a group of friends decided to iron in some rocks near their houses in the city of Leicester, Great Britain. The activity was risky … Read more

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