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Sleevefacing is the art of using vinyl covers as part of a bigger picture. The term was coined by John Rostron, a DJ from Cardiff, who uploaded a couple of … Read more

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The Horsehead Pillow

Nothing compares to waking up with a scream! This Horsehead Pillow imitates the The Godfather I’s infamous scene where a movie producer finds the head of his favorite horse on … Read more

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Chickens Suit: glamour over feathers

Two Austrian designers, stretching their creativity to the limit, have created Chickens Suit, based around the ‘idea of satisfying a chicken, which came up in a dream in which a … Read more

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Exploiting the fetishism for dog clothes, Beedogs is a site dedicated to pictures of dogs dressed like bees. You can submit your own photos of your pup getting ready to … Read more

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