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By Team Ghost in New Music on Friday 6 April 2012

Team Ghost is the band formed by Nicolas Fromageau, a founding member of M83, alongside Anthony Gonzalez. After co-writing M83’s first two albums, M83 and the landmark Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts, he quit and left his native Antibes for Paris. Now he returns as Team Ghost, backed by multi-instrumentalist Christophe Guérin and producer/manager, Jean-Philippe Talaga (founder of Gooom Disques). It takes the M83 blueprint of electronica, shoegaze and cinematic, Eno-esque soundscapes and adds krautrock rhythms, the sleazy Suicide-like post-punk of JJ Burnel’s Euroman Cometh and the stark synth-pop of the French coldwave. [Read on below about the music that inspires Team Ghost, written in their own words]

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