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Siolo Thompson’s Portrait-a-Day project

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By Siolo Thompson in New Art on Wednesday 7 December 2011

This project began as a skill building exercise and quickly became something much more meaningful. Each portrait I have done is of a friend or family member and the unique set of antlers I give them enables me to express the things about them that I think are special and interesting. With these pieces, I try to use very minimal color and line and maximize my use of negative space so that each portrait feels light and full of the depicted person’s character.

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Joey Veltkamp’s Blanket Drawings

Siolo Thompson Reader Find

By Siolo Thompson in New Illustration on Wednesday 7 December 2011

Everyday items can be full of significance when shown in the right light. Visual artist Joey Veltkamp proves this point with his
wonderful colored pencil portraits of blankets. The series titled Blanket Drawings/Rainbow Piles evokes whimsy, longing and loneliness.

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