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Haunting paintings by Remedios Varo

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By Sean Rowe in New Art on Tuesday 19 February 2013

Remedios Varo’s work has always held a special place for me. I find these paintings to be so haunting, so captivating, and undeniably hypnotizing, especially the way she was able to capture depth and mystery like a ghost winking at the doorway of some other world.

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Jump Ship: the new song from Brooklyn band Railbird

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By Sean Rowe in New Music on Monday 18 February 2013

This is a band you should know. I’ve been fortunate enough to write and perform with these guys and gals based in Brooklyn and I’m continually blown away by what they come up with. Sarah Pedinotti is the frontwoman, a brilliant singer, musician, arranger and composer. I’m always surprised how she can take a song […]

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Forager’s Harvest: website and books by wild food forager Sam Thayer

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By Sean Rowe in Cool Websites on Monday 18 February 2013

Sam Thayer is simply the best wild food author I’ve ever come across. I’ve learned so much from his books and from his direct instruction over the years. He’s definitely the guy to take with you if you are lost in the woods, wondering what you can eat. Actually, if Thayer were with you, you […]

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