Scott Tulay

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An Awesome Wave: new music by ∆

Situs invertus is a condition when someone’s internal organs are inverted, but at least you can’t see this strange condition on the outside. This new video for recent Mercury Prize … Read more

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Frank Gehry’s tilt shift New York

Frank Gehry’s over-scaled cornice surprised the conservative town of Boston when he renovated the Tower Records building with Schwartz/Silver back in 1989. His penthouses in New York now take their … Read more

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Under the Sea: cover by Timeflies

This version of Under the Sea, yes, from the Little Mermaid by Timeflies has hit 2 million views on Youtube, so why not add a few more? These two music majors, who … Read more

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New drawings by Scott Tulay

These imagined, weightless, graphic geometries imply man-made structures, but dissolve when they reach the ground. Unbound by gravity, my drawings imply spatial relationships and connections, and yet upon further investigation, … Read more

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