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New paintings by Toronto’s Adrienne Dagg

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By Sarika Sehgal in New Art on Friday 11 January 2013

I recently met artist Adrienne Dagg, a Canadian painter, in her Toronto studio. Her work has a certain romanticism, perhaps due to the colours used in her palate and the subjects she chooses. Using oil paints, her broad strokes convey light beautifully, taking the ordinary and adding an element of atmosphere. Her paintings vary in size from small to very large and each one conveys a natural moment through the subject, which I noticed were women. Beautiful work.

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New photography by Barbara Cole

Sarika Sehgal Reader Find

By Sarika Sehgal in New Photography on Friday 28 December 2012

Barbara Cole is one of the most accomplished photographers in Canada who has a magical gift with photographing water. Her images are shot in such a way that they look like paintings, with a creamy and warm texture. Her use of colour, liquid and light are just breathtaking. Self-taught, Cole has been a part of both the commercial and fine art world but it’s really her fine art experiments that reflect a deep and insightful beauty.

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