Saad Moosajee

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Saad Moosajee’s modern Arabesque illustrations

The Arabesque is a form of artistic decoration common to Islamic art based around surface decoration. Artist Saad Moosajee’s latest series, Contemporary Arabesque, reinterprets this traditional style using various digital … Read more

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Creative album design by Joe Perez

Joe Perez is a designer and art director based in Providence, Rhode Island. Glancing at Perez’s album designs, one can see his work carries a certain elegance and rejection of … Read more

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Mind-blowing animation by Anthony Schepperd

Anthony Schepperd is an independent animator working in Philadelphia. His animations feature organic psychedelic visuals that are absolutely mind-blowing in their intricacy.

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Shadow sculptures by Kumi Yamashita

Japanese born, New York-based Kumi Yamashita is an artist whose versatility seems to know no bounds. Denim, galvanized nails, and a credit card are just a few of the media … Read more

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