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Sublime Frequencies

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By S.C.U.M in New Music on Saturday 23 July 2011

Sublime Frequencies are a label based in Seattle that release music that would just never see the light of day without their hard graft and passion. Releasing new talent and discovering music from tropical kingdoms never explored, they really know what they’re into and put things out that are so carefully researched and beautifully put […]

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Bo Ningen: the best Japanese band you’ve never heard

S.C.U.M Reader Find

By S.C.U.M in New Music on Friday 22 July 2011

They all met in London, but are from different parts of Japan. The first time I saw Bo Ningen was in a basement in King’s Cross and I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears; beautiful psychedelic guitar noise that went from intense Boredoms and Branca-like repetition, to deathly quiet bouts of creepy Japanese wailing and […]

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Selvedge Yard

S.C.U.M Reader Find

By S.C.U.M in Cool Websites on Friday 22 July 2011

An amazing archive of brilliant photography and great write ups, and veering heavily towards motorcycle and gang culture photography, the creative whirlwind behind the Selvedge Yard blog groups together in his archive a collective spirit of musicians, artists, writers and rebel rousers that I find so inspiring and interesting.

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