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For whisky lovers and rookies alike, a Glenfiddich single malt to savor

Patrick Effeney Contributor

By Patrick Effeney in New Products on Thursday 10 July 2014

When you think Glenfiddich, you might cast your mind back to the first bottle of single malt whisky you ever bought. I know I do. I also happen to think of duty free in European airports (alcohol prices in Norway were not conducive to budget living), the late great science fiction author Iain Banks and lots and lots of whisky.

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Only in Australia! Water Buffalo invade the streets of inner-city Sydney

Patrick Effeney Contributor

By Patrick Effeney in Cool Travel on Tuesday 25 March 2014

These hipster pets seem to be getting weirder and weirder! It used to be that a gerbil in a cage or a trio of fish in a bowl was enough for most. But Sydney’s Newtown, long renowned as the city’s hipster central, home to the weird, wonderful, and downright wacky, has just raised the bar.

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