Nini Baseema

Nini is a self-proclaimed Social Media Whore, living and working in Germany. Her main profession lies in the conventional corporate media world, but she's certainly come around, having worked for several online music mags, with a number of photographers, and for record labels such as the iconic LA-based Southern Lord Records.

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Afghanistan in Photos

It’s summer, everyone else around me seems to be on holiday, and I spend most of my day sitting in the office filling in for the rest of the world. At … Read more

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Beautiful Land Art series by Walter Mason

Seneca, one of my favourite philosophers, once coined the phrase: ‘All art is an imitation of nature’. I wonder how he would have described this beautiful series by Berlin-based artist … Read more

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Deenesh Ghyczy’s fragmented portraits

Deenesh Ghyczy is a German-Hungarian artist currently residing in Berlin. He has come up with a series of portraits capturing people as if they were seen through patterned glass. ‘For … Read more

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