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Nicola Smanio

Nicola Smanio is an animator and illustrator living in Stockholm. Growing up in fair Verona, he realized at an early age that he liked drawing, mostly characters from comic books at the time. After studying design in Milano, he set off for Sweden to work in the web design business. After a few years of glossy buttons and scroll bars he decided that he wanted to do something fun instead, possibly involving drawing, so he started with animation.

A computer geek at heart, yet not very happy about the prospect of a life spent sitting in front of a screen, he prefers to make things the analog way, be that building puppets or carving mountains out of styrofoam. When he does sit in front of a screen, he likes to share his passion for handmade things on his blog.

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Creepy boyfriend-shaped pillow for lonely girls

Nicola Smanio Contributor

By Nicola Smanio in New Trends on Thursday 30 May 2013

Dutch designer and illustrator Noortje de Keijzer created a funny and rather creepy boyfriend-shaped pillow for lonely girls (or boys, why not?). The project is obviously ironic and Noortje has so far created only two pillows, named Arthur and Steve, and I’m really hoping that she stops at that before some cuckoos start wanting to […]

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Phantasmagorical: beautiful drawings on photographs

Nicola Smanio Contributor

By Nicola Smanio in New Art on Thursday 30 May 2013

Phantasmagoria is a collaboration between illustrator, Annica Klingspor, photographer, Robert Nilsson, and stylist, Anna Klein. The result is a magical mix of photography and pencil drawings, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. The hyperreal, polished beauty shots contrast dramatically with the concrete, material nature of the pencil drawings. Phantasmagoria is currently showing at Scandic […]

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Illustrated baboons for Black Spires’s music video

Nicola Smanio Contributor

By Nicola Smanio in New Music on Saturday 18 May 2013

This video by Dutch illustrator and animator Kristof Luyckx is so simple and effective that it’s pure genius. The animation is very well done (just look at the drummer smoothly banging away) and rendered in Luyckx’s trademark black and white style. What about Black Spires, though? Never heard of them, but I must say I […]

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Stunning illustrations in a moleskin notebook by Marco Mazzoni

Nicola Smanio Contributor

By Nicola Smanio in New Illustration on Saturday 18 May 2013

What Marco Mazzoni can do with coloured pencils on a moleskine sketchbook is pretty amazing. The Modenese artist has a taste for delicate, very detailed renders and intricate compositions of small animals and mystical women. In his women portrait series, he chooses not to paint the eyes, which he sees as a distraction, thus infusing […]

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