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Circulatory System’s Signal Morning

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By Nicklaus Andersen in New Music on Thursday 22 October 2009

Athens, Georgia art rockers Circulatory System have delivered an extraordinary 46-minute album sculpted from five years worth of accumulated sonic experimentation. Signal Morning ricochets across every raw nerve from the poppiest of impulses to the edge of ostensible sanity, without revealing a single cut corner or uninspired change.

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Terry Rowlett

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By Nicklaus Andersen in New Art on Monday 12 October 2009

Terry Rowlett’s bright, finely rendered paintings use Renaissance posing, compositional techniques, and color symbolism in juxtaposition with modern industrial implements and precarious ecosystems to interrogate modern conundrums like religious ecstasy, gender roles, and technological ‘progress’, all with a unified stoic irony that ultimately evokes sympathy in the viewer.

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Nicolas Palmer

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By Nicklaus Andersen in New Illustration on Monday 12 October 2009

Nicolas Palmer captures candid images from strange worlds inaccessible to many and brings them to our attention through precision linework and vivid color. Palmer studies concept art, storyboarding and comics at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. From graphite drawings to computer animation, Palmer’s surrealistic images travel the territory between cute and terrifying with unflagging boldness and whimsy.

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