Milan Topalovic

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Long Bin Chen’s book-based sculptures

Reading between the lines, artist Long Bin Chen has found new meaning in these old books, constructing intricate sculptures from classic texts. A heads up for students at College of … Read more

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Florence and the Machine: Shake It Out (SNL)

Here is an astounding performance of Shake it Out: captivating, breathtaking and beautiful. I have surrendered my initial apprehension due to Florence Welch’s face-shattering voice and instead embraced it with … Read more

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Rapping Flight Attendant

When a flight attendant claims that South West Airlines ‘do things a little bit differently’, the travellers aren’t expecting him to rip into a perfectly executed two minute rap. Never … Read more

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Funny Cookie Monster caption

Not too much to add to this one, it was floating around the old interweb from which I have plucked it and saved as an automatic screensaver for my head … Read more

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