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Photo collages by Matthew Parker

Michele Banks Reader Find

By Michele Banks in New Photography on Tuesday 18 September 2012

Matthew Parker, a DC-based artist who makes stunning collages of photographs, was bored with schlepping his work to art festivals in a van and setting up a tent to sell them.

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Amigurumi Molecules

Michele Banks Reader Find

By Michele Banks in New Products on Monday 17 September 2012

Javelin Chi, a chemist who now works as a research technologist, started crocheting in graduate school to relieve the stress of lab work. She eventually turned her hobby into a professional sideline, selling her crocheted molecules on her Etsy shop, Prim and Plush, and at craft shows. 

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Pi in the Sky

Michele Banks Reader Find

By Michele Banks in New Events on Monday 17 September 2012

San Francisco-area geeks may have thought they were dreaming last week when they looked up at the sky and saw… Pi (3.14159265385…). Five skywriting planes took to the skies above the Bay Area on Sptember 11 to create the world’s largest ephemeral art installation —  the first 1,000 digits of the infinite sequence of pi. The hour-long, 150-mile flight, naturally named “Pi in the Sky” was dreamed up by San Francisco artist ISHKY with the support of Pizone, a group that uses pi to educate and engage students and the public to become more interested in math and science.

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