Melissa Banigan

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The Uniform Project

For the Uniform Project, Sheena Matheiken is wearing one of seven identical dresses for a year as a comment on sustainable fashion. Each day, she accessorizes with vintage items, Etsy … Read more

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Dan Lacey’s Obama paintings

I am very rarely rendered speechless, but Dan Lacey’s paintings of our President, shown nude whilst riding ‘bare-backed’ on unicorns, is enough to make even the most proficient wordsmith stop … Read more

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Phoenix Commotion

Work hard, I always believed, and someday I’d fulfill my very American dream of owning my own home. Alas, hefty student loans and other insane expenses tore asunder my dream … Read more

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Gimme Something Better

If you’re older than thirty, perhaps you sometimes wax nostalgic for some of the subversive underground bands you once saw in basements and sweaty punk shows around the country? Silke … Read more

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Bonnie Durham’s long necked artwork

I’m loving New York painter Bonnie Durham’s new work. Evoking the long-necked beauties of Mannerists and the highly stylized work of the Surrealists, Durham seems also to have tapped into … Read more

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