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Installation piece by Charles Wing

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By Matt Root in New Art on Saturday 31 December 2011

This is a recent installation piece by New York based artist, Charles Wing. I’ve always really been into his video, sculptures, and installations. This piece started out as twisted take on a window shop display and then became something else entirely. This video shows one of his installations at Chloe Sevigny’s runway show for Opening Ceremony, Resort collection.

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Jovan Erfan’s Evil Eye installation piece

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By Matt Root in New Illustration on Wednesday 21 December 2011

Jovan Erfan’s work explores concepts of hybridity in cultural identity, particularly relating to the Iranian-American experience. Inspired by mythological narratives, present-day imperialism, voyeurism, and the female body as a metaphoric site of social and individual trauma.

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New paintings by Matt Root

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By Matt Root in New Art on Wednesday 23 November 2011

In my recent paintings, I have been incorporating 1950s star atlases with religious and cultural icons, presenting them as shrines or monuments. Throughout these works I attempt to ask questions of identity and ownership within the American landscape. For example, the painting Arizona Tag uses the state’s license plate as a backdrop for objects that symbolize the cultural conflicts of life on the US/Mexico border.

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Goldmine: vintage clothing curiosities

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By Matt Root in New Fashion on Thursday 17 November 2011

Created and owned by styling duo Lesli Wood and Erica Clum, Goldmine is a boutique, workshop and communal space. Inside you’ll find eclectic pieces ranging from meticulously selected vintage wearables, hand crafted raw stone and metal jewelry and a myriad of other curiosities made by local and distant artisans with an emphasis on re-use and up-cycling.

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Nobunny: Gone for Good

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By Matt Root in New Music on Thursday 17 November 2011

I saw Nobunny play in an art space/warehouse in Oakland a little while ago and there was a giant jumping castle in front of the stage with the audience leaping around inside (and occasionally the band while preforming). Their live shows have always been amazingly fun. Justin Champlin, the man under the bunny mask, fronts […]

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