Matt Root

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Installation piece by Charles Wing

This is a recent installation piece by New York based artist, Charles Wing. I’ve always really been into his video, sculptures, and installations. This piece started out as twisted take … Read more

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Jovan Erfan’s Evil Eye installation piece

Jovan Erfan’s work explores concepts of hybridity in cultural identity, particularly relating to the Iranian-American experience. Inspired by mythological narratives, present-day imperialism, voyeurism, and the female body as a metaphoric … Read more

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New paintings by Matt Root

In my recent paintings, I have been incorporating 1950s star atlases with religious and cultural icons, presenting them as shrines or monuments. Throughout these works I attempt to ask questions … Read more

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Goldmine: vintage clothing curiosities

Created and owned by styling duo Lesli Wood and Erica Clum, Goldmine is a boutique, workshop and communal space. Inside you’ll find eclectic pieces ranging from meticulously selected vintage wearables, … Read more

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Nobunny: Gone for Good

I saw Nobunny play in an art space/warehouse in Oakland a little while ago and there was a giant jumping castle in front of the stage with the audience leaping … Read more

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