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Ain’t We Got Fun: a monograph by Jen Ray

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By Markus Fiedler in New Art on Friday 17 August 2012

The Berlin-based ex-pat Jen Ray depicts scenes of female empowerment in mind-boggling detail with a technique of line that is breathtaking. Construction, destruction, deconstruction and reconstruction happen simultaneously. In her situations, she develops a timeless, eternal approach to the story of humankind. Paired with a sense of style that rivals Brian Eno and George Clinton, a pattern craziness that links her to Asian 19th century gangster-grandmaster Kuniyoshi, and a humor and boldness that keeps things a little street-tuff, things are super funky out there in Amazonia. Her first monograph, Ain’t We Got Fun, has just been released in Europe and soon will be available worldwide.

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Video of John Cage and Rahsaan Kirk collaborating

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By Markus Fiedler in Video on Thursday 9 August 2012

Despite both being highlights of twentieth century avant garde art, John Cage and Rahsaan Kirk never met. But documentary director, Dick Fontaine, did a genius job in putting their work next to each other. John Cage would have turned 100 in September. Aside from his musical compositions, he also was a great poet and in this […]

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