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New art by Madrid-based David Trullo

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By Mapydh in New Art on Saturday 2 June 2012

David Trullo is a visual artist based in Madrid. He was artist in residence at the Museum of Modern Art in Dublin in 2002 and at the Karl Hofer Society, Universität der Kunst Berlin, in 2010. His photo and video artworks deal with the iconographical representation of beauty and the different levels attached to representation, context, reproduction and distribution of images. In all of Trullo’s photographic work, there is a connection with history, with the culture and belief of the Western world, where subjects such as prejudice, intolerance, religion, gender, desire or pain look into the past with a contemporary eye.

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Portrait photography by Mila Rodero

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By Mapydh in New Photography on Friday 1 June 2012

Mila Rodero is a very good portrait photographer. She knows that the best way to discover herself is by discovering others. Behind each photograph there is a story, an encounter, a proper connection between the artist and the model. She also likes taking pictures of trees, saying: ‘I like to take pictures of trees when they are blossoming. The branches use the sky as a canvas to make incredible designs’.

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Resin sculptures by Spanish artist Dafne Artigot

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By Mapydh in New Art on Wednesday 30 May 2012

Dafne Artigot is a Spanish artist who lives in Madrid. Her work is based around sculpture, using materials like polyurethane resin and foam. Her figures represent human decadence, playing with the idea about how our bodies become old and fat as time passes by. The tattoos on skin help to represent the decadence process of our souls, filled with messages that remains the glory days.

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