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Shapeways: turn your designs into reality via 3D printing

Malc Foy Reader Find

By Malc Foy in New Design on Friday 1 June 2012

As if there wasn’t already enough nonsense online for me to fritter my hard-earned cash away on! Now I’ve stumbled across Shapeways and, frankly, I doubt I’ll be able to hold off a purchase for much longer. Shapeways is the place to turn designs into reality.

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Free Salute: a new track from Little Barrie

Malc Foy Reader Find

By Malc Foy in New Music on Friday 1 June 2012

I came across this three-piece from Nottinghamshire in 2005. I was buying an album from Amazon and We Are Little Barrie, the band’s first album, was listed as a Sounds Like option. I liked the look of the cover art, so I just bought the CD. Weeks later, that first CD I bought was chucked […]

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