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The Michelberger Hotel in Berlin

Leza Hatchard Reader Find

By Leza Hatchard in Cool Travel on Friday 21 September 2012

Berlin has long had the reputation for being uber cool; think The Metropol, the huge cathedral-like cinema which Dario Argento used to film his nightmarish horror films. Now, courtesy of The Michelberger Hotel, there’s an uber cool place to hang out when in the city. More of a collective experience than an hotel, the Michelberger is also a graphic design studio where their ‘crew of space cadets’ make many of the objects featured in the building. Check out its amazing website graphics.

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Genetically engineered mice using the DNA of Elvis

Leza Hatchard Reader Find

By Leza Hatchard in New Trends on Friday 21 September 2012

Koby Barhad is a graduate from the Royal College of Art whose project, All That I Am, explores philosophical and ethical issues represented by his portrayal of genetically engineered mice with DNA from the hair of Elvis Presley bought on Ebay.

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