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Nude Bike Ride in Madrid

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By Laurie Smolenski in New Events on Thursday 12 August 2010

‘Indecent sinners, you are!’ screamed a Spanish granny, waving her cane at a gaggle of naked cyclists. Across the street, a passerby dropped his shopping bags, stripped to his tennies, and sprinted off to join the pack. This is Madrid’s annual Ciclonudista, a bike event in which hundreds of brazen activists gather in the nude for a rollicking ride to raise awareness for bicycle culture in the Spanish capital.

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Madrid’s Talk!

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By Laurie Smolenski in New Music on Friday 16 April 2010

With talent beyond their years and humility to grasp their weight of their predecessors, Madrid’s Talk! have earned their salt as being the only active Hammond trio of young musicians in the city. While replacing the bass with an organ is nothing new, what sets Talk! apart is not innovation, but the unharnessed ferocity with which they pay ode to the beastly Hammond organ.

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