Lamia Larkin

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Pakayla Biehn

I’m in love with Pakayla Biehn’s Double Exposure painting series. Her blending of hazy images makes me feel like I’m going in and out of a dream: like I’m half … Read more

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The Portrait Machine Project

Using a 1970s Polaroid, aura camera artist Carlo Van De Roer has created a series of photographs that explore the unseen aura energy and characteristics of his friends and family. … Read more

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Fmio Watanabe

Tokyo-based illustrator Fmio Watanabe has managed to create beautiful storybook-like landscapes that look so perfect I’d swear they were digital. But they aren’t; they’re hand painted. These works of art … Read more

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tUnE-yArDs’ Bizness

Let’s all quite our jobs, cover ourselves in paint and paper flowers, and join a modernist dance group! That’s what tUnE-yArDs latest music video for the song Bizness makes me … Read more

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Jeff Koons Must Die!!! video game

Multi-media artist Hunter Jonakin has created an arcade-style video game where the player gets the option to destroy all of Jeff Koons’s artwork.

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