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Tin Man Brewing Co: based out of Evansville, Indiana

Kevin Titzer Reader Find

By Kevin Titzer in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 28 November 2013

>Who doesn’t like robots and craft beer? Well you can get your fill of both at the Tin Man Brewing Co. in Evansville, Indiana. The overall look and graphics of the brewery are pretty wonderful as well. Those great designs sprang from the good people at Melodic Virtue. Another standout for Tin Man is they utilize the […]

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Blamo Toys: adult fun out of Los Angeles

Kevin Titzer Reader Find

By Kevin Titzer in New Products on Wednesday 27 November 2013

In a world of injection moulded plastic, it’s refreshing to see a company making art toys out of wood. Blamo, a company based in Los Angles, produces not only art toys, but also accessories, adult size onesies with rabbit ears, and this cool hat/ski-mask, the Pandito.

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Troublesome Houses: art inspired by Will Oldham

Kevin Titzer Reader Find

By Kevin Titzer in New Events on Tuesday 26 November 2013

The Louisville Visual Art Association is currently hosting an exhibition honouring their hometown son Will Oldham. You might know him better by his moniker Bonnie Prince Billy. The show runs until December 14. So check out the twenty six works online while you still can.

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