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Bear Garden

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By Kenneth Yu in Cool Travel, New Music on Tuesday 9 January 2007

Here’s a tip – if all goes well, Thailand will become the next Japan, a worldwide pop culture hub whose uniqueness is rooted in its historical isolation from the rest of the colonized world. Bear Garden is the musical product of this fecund creative environment. They are a mad little electronica-twee band, who can be […]

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Lab Mag

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By Kenneth Yu in New Trends on Monday 8 January 2007

Today was the launch of LAB MAG, a fluid Portable Document Format publication which collects the work of artists, designers and writers. Featuring luminaries such as Thomas Hirschorn and Liam Gillick, it’s a nice compilation of occasionally brilliant, somewhat random, and always interesting musings and pieces.

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Pete Teo

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By Kenneth Yu in Cool Travel, New Music on Sunday 7 January 2007

Malaysia has a surprisingly thriving singer-songwriter scene, with many local troubadours strumming guitars, parking themselves on stools, and wearing hearts on sleeves across hushed bars and cafes across the country. Out of all of them, Pete Teo is the veteran of this nascent cottage industry. Transcending local adulation, his work has been featured on USA’s […]

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