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An illusion of a futuristic world

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By Katherine Brice in New Events on Wednesday 10 June 2009

An exhibition on architecture where the building becomes the art? The front of Bratislava, The Slovak National gallery, has been converted into what looks like a four lane highway, suspended precariously over the footpath. The classic brutalist facade of the gallery used to be concealed behind a big billboard advertising Ford. NL Architects decided if […]

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China’s Jinhua Architecture Park

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By Katherine Brice in Architecture on Thursday 21 May 2009

An architecture lover’s paradise, the Jinhua Architecture Park in China is a two kilometer ribbon of land that winds itself along the Yiwu River. It includes seventeen specially designed pavilions by leading Chinese and international architects. The project began in 2002 as a memorial dedication from Chinese architect Ai Weiwei for his father, Chinese poet Ai Qing.

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France’s Centre Pompidou-Metz

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By Katherine Brice in Architecture on Saturday 9 May 2009

Due for completion this year, the Centre Pompidou-Metz in France is an elegant and audacious structure. The design features a transparent polytetrafluoroethylene roofing membrane, stretched over a hexagonal lattice, thats form is derived from a ‘muak kui’ (traditional Chinese woven hat). The Centre, which is to be used predominantly as a gallery, will have both adaptable spatial and lighting options, which enhances the notion of flexibility both within the aesthetics of the building and within its function.

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