Julia Hennock

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The tightly-wound compact fluorescent light bulbs we’ve welcomed into our homes have a little sister. Plumen is low-energy, yet she’s trendy, twisted and a designer’s dream. Not yet in production, … Read more

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Sky Planter

Fancy a fern in the face? The Sky Planter will fulfill your greenest fantasies. It is designed to conserve water, save floor space and puzzle visitors. An internal reservoir system … Read more

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Jan Vormann

A brick of any other kind would look as sweet, believes artist Jan Vormann. She began filling crumbling walls with multi-coloured Lego bricks in Bocchignano, a little village close to … Read more

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The Pileus internet umbrella

From the what will they think of next box comes [drum roll please] Pileus β€” an umbrella connected to the Internet, ‘to make walking in rainy days fun’. Pileus has … Read more

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Peter Jensen’s Human Motion

Drawing from his background in physics and psychology, Peter Jansen’s latest series captures sequences of human movement in space and time.

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The dark world of Neal Murren

Neal Murren likes hanging out in forests β€” deep, dark forests β€” from which dark artworks featuring clowns, frogs, marionettes, skeletons, Courtney Love fairies, and the requisite giant toadstools weave … Read more

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Benjamin Verdoncke’s human nest

Just a few days ago, Benjamin Verdoncke climbed out of the human-sized nest he’d been residing in for the past seven days. The Belgian artist took six weeks to build … Read more

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Command prints

If you find preachers unamusing, unoriginal and ugly, I hereby introduce Commands, a series of three digital prints that’ll guide you towards enlightenment. Or at least a nose chuckle and … Read more

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Bon Iver

When this scruffy fellow opens his gob, something high and mighty emanates. His music is great for long drives, in cold places and long nights in warm places. We speak … Read more

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Barbara Proust

Barbra Proust is a German-born photographer exploring the idea of a photographic moment. Her ‘Exposures’ (bare with me) are multiple photographs of the same event or subject from different angles … Read more

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