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Ruth Downes

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By Judy Z in New Art, New Events on Thursday 19 July 2007

I’ve seen a few unusual artworks over the years — a sordid unmade bed at the Tate; a horribly lifelike model of a tiny, shriveled and ancient grandmother in her final throes of life; even a selection of used tampons from around the world bizarrely displayed in a vitrine at Sydney’s MCA. But I never expected to see a friend’s hair bundled up like bread rolls in a bakers’ lunch tray at the Manly Museum. The hair rolls are part of a marvelous exhibition called Lunch for the Trades, made by Ruth Downes, sculptor, designer and creator of many inspired public artworks.

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Fiona Lowry

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By Judy Z in New Art on Tuesday 12 June 2007

The Australian landscape, the subject of endless tributes by artists of all media, is given an intriguing and mysteriously-sexual twist by Fiona Lowry. In her show at Sydney’s Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Lowry has painted dream-like images of the bush. Instead of flora and fauna, she shows shadowy human figures, some engaged in overtly sexual behaviour, […]

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