Jessie Cheung

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Frank Warren’s Postsecret

I first met Postsecret lying in a Mexican hammock hung approximately a hundred metres away from a smelly dank dodgy hallway. ‘I wish I had lung cancer so my mom … Read more

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Calvi, Corsica

Calvi epitomises the reason why the expensive people of France like to escape to Corse for a short break away from the stressful life of long weekends and days spent … Read more

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Melbourne’s Section 8

A Melbourne native once said to me: to find the good bars, you have to look for the bins in alleyways. Section 8 totally fits that quota. It is a … Read more

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Canvas Magazine

Hot damn. Canvas Magazine makes the Brisbane design community look seriously sexy.

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Meyers Deli

I love Copenhagen’s Meyers Deli. I don’t know if it’s the giant plates of organic food or the super cool and warm environment.

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