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New photography by Jessica Tremp

Jessica Tremp Reader Find

By Jessica Tremp in New Photography on Saturday 20 October 2012

When I was little, I used to dream about being a dancer, or that I could fly, and that I would learn to speak the language of the animals in the forest, or that of the most dramatic actor. With the click of a finger, I’ve found a way to make these things come true. Hey presto.

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New music by Melbourne band Gruntbucket

Jessica Tremp Reader Find

By Jessica Tremp in New Music on Friday 19 October 2012

Need some haunting soul in your rock? Some sexy swagger in your blues? And some excellent lyrics to go along with your psychadelic tunes? Look no further than the riffs and licks of Melbourne’s Gruntbucket. Songs From An Empty Room will pick you up by your scruff and lay you back down ever so gently.

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Wardrobe vs Pantry: clever food and fashion match ups

Jessica Tremp Reader Find

By Jessica Tremp in New Fashion on Friday 19 October 2012

Sometimes wish you could wear your ruby raspberries or eat your chocolate frosted petticoat? This incredibly clever Melbourne duo will have you oohing, aahing, nodding and quite often giggling at their clever match ups.

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Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Jessica Tremp Reader Find

By Jessica Tremp in Cool Websites on Thursday 18 October 2012

If you’ve always wondered what the word was for ‘when your dream about someone you know skews how you feel about them all the next day, an emotion you are unable—and unwilling—to shake.’ (n. rollover reaction), then head over to the beautiful world of obscure sorrows and find those nouns and adjectives you’ve always felt […]

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Retromercial: Rasin Bran

Jessica Tremp Reader Find

By Jessica Tremp in Video on Wednesday 17 October 2012

Whether you enjoy a trip down memory lane, swoon over anything nostalgia, or simply wonder how brands ever survived with these advertisements, there’s something worth chuckling over for all of you.

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