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Street artist Hush

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By jen disisto in New Art on Friday 17 May 2013

The artist who goes by the name of Hush is a prolific street artist who has taken to fine art as well. His work depicts geishas with generally high contrast images that layer up graffiti to create complex patterns. A lot of the work relies on a palette comprised of primary colors.

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Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz

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By jen disisto in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 16 May 2013

If you don’t know about Verve Coffee Roasters of Santa Cruz, CA, you should look them up. I was originally attracted to them based on their storefront appearance. Verve are at the forefront of the boutique coffee trend, and for good reason. They roast and make incredible coffee grown by farmers using sustainable farming practices. […]

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The chaotic world of painter Joram Roukes

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By jen disisto in New Art on Thursday 16 May 2013

Joram Roukes is a talented contemporary artist from the Netherlands. His main medium is large scale oil paintings, which tend to be collage-like compositions mashing up the figurative with animals and western pop icons. Roukes does an incredible job of balancing out his often chaotic visual content with a nice amount of negative space. He’s […]

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