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Surreal collage art by Taiwanese artist Raintree1969

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By Jason Lips in New Art on Friday 6 July 2012

Raintree1969 is the Flickr moniker for a Taiwanese surreal collage artist I’ve been obsessed with for years. I wish I knew more about him. He is currently pumping out a collage a day and every single one is bizarre and awesome.

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Mixed media costumes by Ryan Kelly

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By Jason Lips in New Art on Saturday 30 June 2012

This red-bearded wonder artist from Philadelphia creates astonishing paper mache and mixed media costumes, transforming himself into Teddy Roosevelt, Hercules, and assorted animals for his colorful performance pieces. Kelly also employs his costume and prop construction talents in various theatrical and film productions.

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Winter Sessions: a line of bags, aprons, and wallets

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By Jason Lips in New Products on Saturday 30 June 2012

Chicago designers Tanya Fleisher and Roy Katz produce a line of detail oriented bags, aprons, and wallets. Their work is informed by an ethic of form following function, durable craftsmanship, and a modern aesthetic. The majority of their materials are sourced from US manufacturers, including their leather, which comes from a tannery just down the street from their workshop.

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Flour and Bones: a new restaurant in Chicago

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By Jason Lips in Cool Travel on Friday 29 June 2012

I first encountered Abe Conlon and Adrienne Lo’s cuisine at one of their X-Marx underground dinners. I recall being blown away by their hot Caesar salad soup accompanied by deep fried anchovies. Now they are opening Flour and Bones, a permanent restaurant in Chicago. Expect fantastic casual but creative dishes, influenced by their recent culinary […]

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New music by Kansas band Hospital Ships

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By Jason Lips in New Music on Tuesday 26 June 2012

My ears continually yearns for the Lawrence, Kansas band, Hospital Ships. Their songs traverse subjects of family, death, and love while fluctuating between delicate pop sweetness and a pounding assault of guitars and drums. They are currently recording their third album, working on a series of 7” splits, and re-releasing their first album on vinyl […]

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