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MySpace or yours? Custom design for your MySpace page

Jane Abma Reader Find

By Jane Abma in New Design on Tuesday 14 June 2011

Music is what gets me through my day, so I’ve enjoyed exploring MySpace and keeping up to date with my favourite artists for years. However, what really disappoints is the amount of less than average branding I see. MySpace is often the primary point of online advertising for bands, groups and solo acts, so it has to make an impact.

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Alice Carroll

Jane Abma Reader Find

By Jane Abma in New Illustration on Saturday 21 March 2009

Australian illustrator Alice Carroll produces quirky and whimsical works. Each piece is a response to a word selected every week in order to keep up the creative tempo – quite an effective method as the results are intriguing. I warmed to her interpretation of ‘sour’, in particular, as it captures the word right down to the knee bone, but in a strangely friendly way.

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Jane Abma Reader Find

By Jane Abma in New Music on Thursday 19 February 2009

Recently formed hip-hop duo, Rootbeer (Pigeon John and Flynn Adam), have just dropped a super fresh piece of audio pie right in your kitchen. Influenced by artists such as MGMT, N.E.R.D and A Tribe Called Quest, Rootbeer offer up an edgy and unfeigned lyrical style. Turn up their debut release, The Pink Limousine EP, to […]

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