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This Charming Man exhibition

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By Is Not Magazine in New Events, New Fashion on Tuesday 13 November 2007

Ed Janssen is famed in Melbourne for his jewellery designs, sold through cult Morrissey-friendly label This Charming Man. ‘The Knuckle Sandwich’ charm necklace (two pieces of bread on either side of a tiny set of brass knuckles, as pictured above) exudes an oddly amusing menace. More recently ‘The Bear Trap’ has been dangling from every second neck, wiping out hope for Melbourne’s unsuspecting tiny forest animals. Janssen is about to launch a new range inspired by the iconography of various secret societies. Melburnians can check out their old and new favourites at the first This Charming Man exhibition launching this week at Alice Euphemia’s new store. Flex those tiny knuckles and watch those tiny feet.

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By Is Not Magazine in New Illustration on Monday 23 April 2007

Melbourne illustrators, designers and men-about-town Tin&Ed are known and loved for many things. Their lost-in-a-forest illustrations, their science-meets-whimsy line-based art, their collages, their photographs, their escapades and their generally unexpected solutions to design problems. Tin&Ed’s work is great, probably because they strive to find the best answer to each design challenge rather than aiming for […]

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This Charming Man

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By Is Not Magazine in New Fashion, New Products on Tuesday 13 March 2007

With one foot in Melbourne and the other in New York City, Ed Janssen has found such a big fan base for his hand-made jewellery that he has had to cut back on his other great love in life – making the best espresso you’re ever likely to sip from a cardboard cup. But Ed’s […]

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Amanda de Simone

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By Is Not Magazine in New Photography on Sunday 18 February 2007

Amanda de Simone is a Melbourne photographer who has a fine fine haircut. We also think she is the most exciting photographic artist in the city right now. Her portraits combine emotions like rage and grief with questions about masculinity, femininity, desire and … well … the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Her new exhibition […]

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The Litmusphere

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By Is Not Magazine in New Products on Thursday 18 January 2007

The mysterious Melbourne-based Litmus Journal has been in bookstores for a while now – from Australia to London – starting with Litmus Minus Three and building momentum through Minus Two, Minus One and Zero to the inevitable Issue One, currently on sale. Each issue is themed and publishes work by an expanding community of emerging […]

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