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Robert Janson’s floating plastic bag sculptures Reader Find

By in New Eco on Friday 1 April 2011

As plastic bags slowly become a thing of the past and reusable totes take over, one artist is putting the leftovers to good use. Robert Janson’s beautiful plastic bag installations range from delicate to heavy and resemble giant pink jellyfish. Using light, heat and air, Janson and his friends recycle the plastic bags into moving sculptures.

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Hobbit themed accommodation at Woodlyn Park Reader Find

By in New Eco on Wednesday 23 March 2011

Hobbits, is watching over that ring stressing you out? Then head over to Woodlyn Park, a New Zealand resort complete with some very unique types of lodging including a grass-topped hobbit hotel, a recycled plane suite, a reclaimed ship inn and even a rail car room.

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