Gerry Mak

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My Day by Eamonn O’Neill

The protagonist in this animated short by Eamonn O’Neill hardly has any dialogue at all fact, we learn way too much about the secondary character, who loudly intrudes on the … Read more

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This One Time by Nelson Boles

I hate it when giant, one-eyed propellor monsters crash my day out in the park and absorb me into their bulbous bodies. Good thing I have my trusty insect-dog with … Read more

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Chubby Cuppycake Boy

This weird, slightly-creepy video of a chubby kid lip-syncing the Cuppycake Song circulated the web like any other cute oddity until it was discovered that the boy in the video, … Read more

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Neon Hunk

Milwaukee’s Neon Hunk make spastic, synth-and-drum madness that is likely to trigger seizures in the uninitiated. Their psychotic, candy-colored aesthetic — complete with terrifying masks and stuffed animals — gives … Read more

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