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Steampunk furniture by Mati Karmin

Estonian artist Mati Karmin takes old Soviet deep-sea mines and turns them into the most amazing steampunk furniture you’ve ever seen. I think the toilet is my favorite.

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Daniel Higgs’ Say God

I cannot truly do Daniel Higgs’ latest double LP, Say God, justice with words. All I can say is that you’ll either find it non-sensical in the context of conventional … Read more

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Backland’s 10 Weed Commandments

I don’t partake when 4:20 rolls around, but this track by Baltimore rapper Backland is pretty bumpin. I like how innocent it sounds despite the subject matter.

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Between Bears by Eran Hilleli

Here’s a stunning little film done by Israeli animator Eran Hilleli for his graduation from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

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Melody Often

Artist and illustrator Melody Often has a subtle art nouveau-inspired quality to her comics and paintings, but a slight manga influence is evident as well with the glassiness of her … Read more

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