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Less is Less: new EP by The Demon Beat

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By Geoff Hoskinson in New Music on Friday 7 December 2012

The Demon Beat pumps pure rock n roll straight outta the heart of West Virginia. With their new LP, Less Is Less, this trio brings a raw grungy hard rock vibe jam-packed with rippin riffage and screamin solos . What’s not to love? Oh, and FYI, the cover art for Less Is Less [see below] is a composite of all three band member’s faces. Totally radical.

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Grimes’ Oblivion video directed by Emily Kai Bock

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By Geoff Hoskinson in New Music on Thursday 1 November 2012

This is an absolutely captivating surrealistic audio/visual experience as director Emily Kai Bock juxtaposes the lighthearted performance of petite pop artist Grimes’ blissed-out dreamy track Oblivion against colossal sports fan-filled stadiums, testosterone laden workout rooms, and mosh pits.

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Lightt: new iPhone app lets you create a 10 second video moment

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By Geoff Hoskinson in Tech on Wednesday 31 October 2012

Lightt is a groundbreaking new iPhone application that merges the concepts of photography and video by allowing users to capture a continuous stream of still frames and compressing them into one 10 second moment or “Highlight”. The genius of this product is that it creates a new highly versatile medium for storytelling via the extreme accessibility of the .JPG format.

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