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Corkboard: Remember What You Want

Corkboard makes my life easier, and if you’re a detail-oriented, hyper-productive, compulsive networker, perfectionist workaholic, it’s very likely it will help you too. Though it also helps avid readers, foodies, … Read more

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Village Pillows by Rachael Cole

These Village Pillows by Brooklyn artist Rachael Cole are a set of cushions that work like a puzzle where you build your own country town, including houses, trees, a car, … Read more

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New York’s BAM Rose Theatres

Located by the Atlantic Avenue Station, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, the BAM movie theaters are as genuine as it gets in New York when it comes to going to the … Read more

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Yoko Furusho

Yoko Furusho’s work leaves me absolutely speechless. There are so many lines in all of her drawings that I really wonder how she can do it all with one single … Read more

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Located on West Houston, Alphaville is my favorite gift store in Manhattan. It offers a great selection of vintage objects, from Nixon’s campaign buttons, to Sesame Street 80s mobiles, 50s … Read more

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Housing Work’s Used Book Cafe

Located on Manhattan’s Crosby Street, the Housing Works cafe is a great place to browse around a huge collection of used and new books. The Used Book Cafe is not … Read more

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