Emma Gardiner

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Ivan Goodacre landscape paintings

When I was a teenager, I would have laughed in your face if you’d told me that I would come to love photorealistic paintings of Australian landscapes. I would have … Read more

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Lydra handmade bags

Lydra bags are made in the exact opposite of a sweat shop. Take Fiorina; one of the artisans that creates these beautiful bags made from recycled and sustainable fabrics. She … Read more

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Miss Van’s awesome paintings

Miss Van’s paintings of luscious, dark sex kittens started their life on street corners but, like a lot of graffiti art, have now been elevated to the galleries of Paris. … Read more

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Art from the ashes

ART from the ashes (AFTA) is raising funds to benefit wildfire victims in Texas by opening an exhibition this Saturday, 17th September. The show is on at Royal/T in Culver … Read more

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Cool Websites

Hairpin hilairs

If you’re standing naked in front of some dude the last thing you want him to say is, ‘I think you’re sexy because you’re so smart’. The fun wizards at … Read more

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Gruffalo by the Jonesez

How far would you go to make a record? Jonesez front man Mark Stewart donated his body to science for four weeks to raise the money to complete the band’s … Read more

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Adam Cullen’s Tasmanian Devil painting

Radical artist Adam Cullen is raising money for Australia’s most endangered species by donating a characteristically vicious painting to the cause. Rather than hitting up the usual suspects, Adam is … Read more

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