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Donya Todd is an illustrator, painter and comic artist who lives on a remote farm in Cornwall, England. She takes her inspiration from the magical, marvellous and macarbe.

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The Dog Show: a store in LA that is feminine chaos at its finest

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By Donya Todd in Cool Travel on Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Dog Show was created by Anna Dewey Greer and Christine Stormberg, BFFs from Omaha, Nebraska. The shop in LA has a giant white Unicorn head adorning the doorway, which they paint black for Halloween. They have a cat telephone that meows and they eat identical suppers in pink TV dinner trays. So obviously when […]

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Zombie Knit: tiny knitted zombies by Sophia Viney

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By Donya Todd in New Products on Sunday 21 April 2013

Sophia Viney runs designer toy brand Zombie Knit. She knits, crochets and embroiders, handmaking each toy with all the undead love and cuteness they need. Viney has health problems and is often out of action. She uses this time to knit, make up stories, and create comics using her quirky characters. I call her my […]

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