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Mitch Hedberg’s stand up comedy

I continue to be surprised by friends and acquaintances who are unfamiliar with Mitch Hedberg’s stand up comedy. He’s fuckin’ hilarious and original! Love the way he talks.

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Inside Job: a documentary you must see

I recently watched the movie Inside Job twice in a row. It’s about the sub-prime mortgage debacleoo [sic]. It made me feel really sad. Very informative. These financial servicers robbed … Read more

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Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator is an exciting and interesting character these days. He is a rapper and producer, but his art isn’t really the point. The point is that he feels … Read more

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VirtualDJ is the coolest, most fun new toy for me. I’ve always disliked using iTunes, mostly because of its awkward nesting folders (most of them empty) and especially because of … Read more

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Jacob Ciocci: the peace tape

Noise-dance band Extreme Animals and neon cultural detritus art collective, Paperrad, both feature my friend and huge inspiration, Jacob Ciocci. His style is heavily borrowed by lots of visual artists … Read more

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