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New work by Cynthia Mosser

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By Cynthia Mosser in New Art on Saturday 3 March 2012

Full of resplendent color and intricate background patterns, my mixed media paintings embody a spirit of whimsy incorporating color, shape and depth. The work is inspired by the natural world, color, folk art, design and drawing. I contradict my achromatic, rainy exterior environment through an intense interplay of color. Each piece reveals an inner world of sumptuous complexity via a transparent veil of encaustic medium.

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Photomontages of women as the targets by Eva Lake

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By Cynthia Mosser in New Art on Wednesday 29 February 2012

Nostalgic photomontages of women as the object (target), these tragic and strikingly glamorous scenes of women pandering to the male gaze pour their bodies, desires and futures into the arms of their suitors. Whether it be pills, alcohol or a man, the targets surround each woman’s head as though she is the Virgin Mary.

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Paintings of balancing interior objects by Candice Smith Corby

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By Cynthia Mosser in New Art on Tuesday 28 February 2012

Creating a gorgeous atmosphere of stress, strain, nervousness and anxiety, Candice Smith Corby’s works on paper make use of domestic scenes showing the weight of her surroundings. Her paintings portray a delicate balancing act using interior objects piled, stacked or precariously poised atop one another and herself. I love her use of color, shape and composition.

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Colorful photos of hotel rooms by Brad Carlile

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By Cynthia Mosser in New Photography on Tuesday 28 February 2012

Hotel rooms are the subject and color is the game of Brad Carlile’s single-perspective photographs. Carlile uses actual film and photographs each room at different times of day. His highly saturated images electrify the space, and the rooms themselves leave an intriguing narrative.

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