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Bangarang: awe-inspiring music video by Skrillex

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By Chad Little in Video on Tuesday 6 March 2012

Everyone knows that Skrillex is an international music sensation, but no one should be over-looking recent videos that accompany his ever-epic tracks. This video is suspenseful, with a morally bending plot that I typically associate with Scorcese. A band of children epically take down an ice cream truck with the backbeat set to Skrillex’s usual […]

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Your Scene Sucks: humorous scene stereotypes

Chad Little Reader Find

By Chad Little in Cool Websites on Tuesday 6 March 2012

No one is safe from ridicule at Your Scene Sucks. Ornately orchestrated cartoon sketches accompanied by detailed captions of the necessary equipment to tackle any scene from neotrash to christcore. This website also features some pretty original merch, and if you’re that kind of person, you can even submit your picture and have your own character made. Mount up, freaks.

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Love You Right: new music from electro-pop duo Cherub

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By Chad Little in New Music on Friday 2 March 2012

Edgy, sexually invasive, and catchy as hell. Haunting hooks coupled with clean guitar licks and slathered with refreshing electronic noise. This hard hitting electro-pop duo from Nashville is making a bold statement with their new album, Mom and Dad. These boys have been snagging dates with some of the foremost electronic acts from around the […]

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